ma’a salama (goodbye)


Just as I am starting to get into the rhythm of life here in Nablus, it is of course time for me leave. I know I have only scratched the surface of this incredible city, so ancient and beautiful and tragic and hopeful all at once. It pains me to leave the community of peopleREAD MORE


“The Joy”


Wednesday morning our team woke up to what Chelsey calls “the joy.” Sixty-seven 4 and 5 year olds marching, bounding and even sauntering their way into the Tomorrow’s Youth Organization Center at 9 am. Their eyes bright with wonder and excitement for the day and their faces painted with giggles and not-so-hidden stares at theREAD MORE


Announcing the 2011 Students of the World Summit!


We are extremely proud to announce our inaugural Students of the World Summit! The weekend will be a long overdue chance for members of the SOW family – past, present and future – to meet, engage and share their ideas about storytelling, creative media and the power of social good that has driven SOW’s missionREAD MORE