Heading Home


For the last four weeks our team has been around the world on an amazing journey to document the stigmas associated with cancer and the struggles and triumphs of some of those who have fought and survived it.  Our professional and personal lives have been changed and hopefully we have, and will continue to, touchREAD MORE


Heelin’ Good


We spent our final two days of filming back where we began — at the Bwaila Maternity Unit and Kamuzu Central Hospital. Before leaving for our trip, we agreed to do an extra project about the fistula clinic and burn unit for UNC. It was fun to be back at the hospital and learn moreREAD MORE




We are (veryverysadly) in the final stretch of production in China! We headed out to Hong Zhou, a smaller city on a beautiful lake, today to see a different part of the country and get some different perspectives with man-on-the-street interviews. We got some really interesting answers, including someone who said that cancer was transferableREAD MORE


The Universal Language of Cancer


Like most Americans I have not learned a language other than English. Twelve hours of credit and a B- average in Espanol just doesn’t cut it. Yet with every interview I understand more of what each subject has said. Is this because my Spanish is improving? Perhaps, but more likely I’m deciphering the emotions conveyedREAD MORE