University of Texas Film Challenge Winners


Congratulations to the “Team of Dreams” Christian Benavides, Hannah Whisenant and Dalton Allen.

The team of student filmmakers won for their film “Broken Borders” which tells the story of a Texas family facing heart-wrenching challenges related to immigration policy. Read more about the film challenge.


Courtney Spence featured on Pivot TV


Following your moral compass

Students of the World (SOW) Founder, Courtney Spence, sits down with Josh Shipp to discuss how to make a living that aligns with your values. Watch Courtney’s segment on TakePart Live and learn more about SOW’s partnership with Pivot TV.


#FounderFriday – Meet Brett


“As a young boy, I could not sleep unless I watched Barney and was extremely jealous of the kids always singing and laughing with him (don’t lie, you felt the same way!). From that point my goal in life was to be a famous TV star. With a camera in hand I created a vlogREAD MORE


Meet Duke’s Founder & Citizen of the world


I grew up in Nairobi, NY, Washington DC, Houston, Naples, Geneva, before finally arriving in Durham three years ago. Since I spent most of my childhood out of the States, I missed out on a lot of things – state fairs, Lucky Charms, rollercoasters (these are very iffy in Kenya), norts, Boy Meets World, … – but in exchange I grew up meeting people from across the globe. Living in Kenya taught me that the common aid strategies do not promote empowerment where it’s most needed.


Media reflections: Founder Eric Evans from SDSU!


Everyone has a story, but there are not enough storytellers. As we move into an age of global social communication, it seems only natural that we would move into an age of greater social understanding. It seems that our ability to empathize with others would expand and such understanding would be reflected through the media.READ MORE


#FounderFriday – Binh!


#FounderFriday is upon us, and we are happy to introduce Binh Ngo, a Students of the World summer intern from the University of California, San Diego! We asked her one fundamental question: “What makes you a Creative Activist?” Read her thoughts below! Discourse on global social issues like hunger, poverty, abuse, and the like are demoralizingREAD MORE