SOW | Pro Gallery, Work Days in Jacmel


It wasn’t just fun at the beach for the SOW | Pro Team in Jacmel last week. Inconsistent internet access, spotty electricity and sudden downpours (elements one must contend with while working in a developing Caribbean nation) combined to keep many photos of our project under wraps until we got back to the States. HereREAD MORE


A Whole New World


It’s the last day for half of the team, and our hearts are heavy. None of us expected to become this attached to this community so quickly, but with a smile and a few simple words, we have all developed a bit of a crush. Here’s how we spent the beginning of the end ofREAD MORE


Turning Up the Heat


It’s funny; when we got here, it felt like we had been here for forever. Now it seems as though minutes pass before we can even realize that the day has come and gone. In just 3.5 days, we’ve completed 11 interviews, taken thousands of pictures, and captured hours of b-roll. We are on fire.READ MORE


This Is Just The Beginning

First Interview

The warm sticky air smells of rustic dust and sea salt, and we’re awoken by the sound of barking dogs and highly pitched honking horns. Reality sets in this morning, and we realize this whole going to Haiti thing wasn’t just a dream; we’re actually here. We get up, get ready, and make our wayREAD MORE


We Have Arrived


This post is going to be short and sweet, but we wanted to let you know we are finally at our hotel here in Jacmel. Travels went smoothly and all in all, getting here was pretty uneventful (uneventful is a good thing when it comes to flights). Tomorrow we will go to the school firstREAD MORE


Ready, Set …


Go. After seven months of planning, numerous events, and multiple vaccinations, the time has finally come; we’re going to Jacmel, and we’re leaving tomorrow. Reality hasn’t quite set in yet and probably won’t until we all arrive at the airport at 4am. Our team is excited to get down there and meet the people we’veREAD MORE


Gather to Give


Our last and final fundraiser took place the last week of June at the Rodell residence thanks to a new organization called Gather to Give. Their mission is to help local nonprofits through creating and planning philanthropic opportunities for people to give back in the community. We were honored to be their first organization toREAD MORE