Filmmaker/Editor Needed for Music Video Production

CSpence Group is seeking a filmmaker/editor to assist Chris Donohoe, a singer-songwriter in the production of a music video for "Innocents," a political song about the profound impact that gun violence has on our lives.

"Innocents" is about our society's willingness to put up with gun violence and the tragic loss of life that comes with it, over and over and over. It’s a darkly sarcastic and cynical lyric with a haunting musical production.

Listen to "Innocents" below:


You will be responsible for seeing the project through from editorial vision to final delivery, as well as corresponding directly with the client. CSpence Group will not be producing the film, but are supporting Chris Donohoe in his search for a filmmaker/editor who is independent and can follow through on a compelling vision for the video.


San Francisco, CA


As long as the song, approximately 5 minutes. 

Chris has a conceptual idea of a visually interesting montage of media footage (news video/newspaper headlines, etc.) of shootings in the U.S. This would not be a performance video, and the artist would not be featured.

To be distributed on his website and all major online media platforms (YouTube, Vimeo, etc.)


Chris would provide some creative direction, but is looking for someone who understands the concept, visually and thematically that he is going for and can run with it. The filmmaker/editor would be the director of the music video and engage the resources to find footage, an editor, etc. 


Looking to begin as soon as possible. 


This is a paid opportunity with a budget of $5,000. Rates TBD.

If you're available and interested in this opportunity, send a proposal to that includes the following:

  • Sample work/ reel
  • Contact info
  • Headshot, brief bio, and brief personal statement outlining why you are passionate about this opportunity 
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