SOW is Thankful

Happy Thanksgiving from the Students of the World Headquarters! 

As the holiday season ramps up and schedules quicken a few paces, we would like to take a moment to reflect on what makes us thankful. This time of year reminds us to live with purpose and awareness, values that we at SOW are passionate about.

What are YOU thankful for? Tag @SOW and #studentsoftheworld on Twitter and Instagram and share what makes you thankful!

See below for what makes each of us thankful this year.

Courtney Spence

I am thankful for the last fifteen years of Students of the World and the last 17 months of the CSpence Group. We have had the privilege and honor of working with some of the most talented creatives, dedicated organizations and devoted clients that are impacting the lives of thousands around the globe. I am also grateful for my incredibly loving and supportive family - including my new niece, Scarlett! 



Courtney Irving

I am thankful to have such amazing opportunities to work with clients we adore on projects we are passionate about. I am also thankful to have a sweet, new puppy that is starting to sleep through the whole night!


Deyvis Rodriguez

I am grateful to be able to work with wonderfully talented and passionate colleagues dedicated to bringing beautiful creative to life.

I am grateful to have spent lots of quality time with my family and friends this year - cooking, traveling, and watching movies.



Angie Gontaruk

I am thankful to live a healthy and balanced life, and for having the freedom and opportunity to achieve whatever goal I set for myself. In today's world where chaos is all around us and these opportunities are not available to all, I give thanks to these basic, yet extraordinary blessings in my life. 


Kathryn Schneider

I am thankful for the inspiring people surrounding me who share a common passion for using creativity to positively impact those around them. I’m also grateful to be living in the beautiful San Francisco Bay Area, where opportunities and hiking destinations are limitless.

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