Forging Beautiful Truths

‘Art is not a mirror held up to reality but a hammer with which to shape it.’ Those words resonate through most impulses of mine.
— Alex Simon

Students of the World is pleased to announce that Alex Simon will be one of eleven ambassadors representing our inaugural Media Leaders Advisory Board. A recent graduate of Stanford, majoring in English with a Creative Writing emphasis (minoring in Film Studies), Alex believes that personal storytelling is one of the most compelling and resonant forms of education and expression. Her favorite forms of storytelling involve a camera, and she is working to pursue a career in film or television development geared towards creating positive social change. Alex has been a Students of the World community member since she began college and has worked on numerous campaigns run by SOW.

Here's a quick look at what it takes to being a Student of the World, in Alex's words. "At the center of stories lie people. They lie, play, dream, attack, and love from similar human impulses. Storytelling has consistently served as my most valuable tool to understand these impulses and the way they manifest around and within us. I believe that art, particularly film, photography, and television, shape the way humans perceive and experience the world and how we fit into it. To be a student of the world means to understand the implications of our actions, to be open and curious to the lessons the world has to teach, and to advocate for increased conscious awareness through our choices, creative and otherwise."

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