Pursuing Life's Larger Questions

When you see something, you can’t un-see it. When you hear someone, you can’t un-hear them. That is the power of media.
— Ashley Thompson

We're proud to announce that Ashley Thompson has joined the Media Leaders Advisory Board. A recent graduate of Boston University with a degree in Journalism, Ashley has been fortunate enough to have traveled to a number of countries around the world including England, Germany, France, Ecuador, Ireland, Grenada and Jamaica.

Being a Student of the World goes beyond travel for the New York native. Of course, traveling is an important aspect of life as, it significantly allows for understanding of different cultures and perspectives, but in Ashley's words, "...being a Student of the World also means to be accepting of different outlooks and ways of life. It means to acknowledge the events happening around the world and to ask the bigger questions of why they are happening to better understand them. It means to discover peoples’ stories and form connections that will create a passionate community of thinkers, artists and creators who want to contribute to our future."

We're thrilled to have Ashley on board and are so excited about the future that is in store for this storyteller.

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