Making Goodness Attractive

Make Goodness Attractive.
— Esteban Gast

Students of the World is thrilled to welcome Esteban Gast to the Media Leaders Advisory Board. Esteban is a Colombian-American comedian based out of Central Illinois, and is passionate about all things entertainment, education and entrepreneurship.

He brings a wide array of experiences to the inaugural M-LAB team. Currently, Esteban teaches creativity at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and travels around the Midwest performing comedy. In the recent past, he wrote a book on creativity along with a few of his fellow Instructors, was the Director of Education at Kalu Yala in rural Panama, and helped start a few businesses.

In the bigger picture, Esteban aims to "make goodness attractive" and continues to excel on his path to becoming a cultural entrepreneur.

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