Exploring Social Uprising and Human Rights

I’m so inspired by Jonathan Swift’s quote: vision is the art of seeing things invisible.
— Leo Lou


Students of the World is happy to announce that Leo Lou will be joining our inaugural Media Leaders Advisory Board. Currently a sophomore at Duke University, Leo is interested in human rights, conflict resolution, and social uprising and has taken it upon herself to visit conflict regions in the Middle East to better understand her passions.

Here are some words from Leo on what it means to be a Student of the World:

With its tail as anchor, dandelions call wherever they land home. With the people I love as anchor, I advance with intention and land wherever serendipity takes me. I am an empathetic yet rational story teller. I focus the creation of my words, colors, and motions at the people and things whose voice was never given weight to. And I hope the handful of stories I hope to tell in the months and years to come could give you a sense of what makes my heart beat. The cross-border conflict resolution projects between Palestinians and Israelis; Backpacker culture in the himalayan mountains of northern India; Sexual Assault policies on college campuses; The unlikely college students at Duke University.

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