Stories of Hope

I tell stories of hope.
— Steve Moakley

It's an honor to welcome a long-time Students of the World community member to the Media Leaders Advisory Board. Steve is an editorial and commercial photographer based in Austin, Texas. A documentarian by trade and people-person by nature, Steve has photographed for numerous publications, news outlets, Fortune 500 companies and non-profit organizations. He has traveled extensively and brings wisdom and experience to M-LAB.

Being a Student of the World is innate to Steve. He believes in the power of media, and those who create it, and aims to illuminate narratives which will positively affect our waking world.

Here is Steve's take on being a Student of the World, "We know there are positive stories out there that are just as mighty as the negative ones, and we are committed to bringing those stories to light. We hold our world to a higher standard. We are enlightened, we are intensely curious, we take risks. Our curiosity allows us passage into someone’s world; our cameras and pens are our passports. The trust and human connection is our reward. If we do our jobs properly, we give voice to those who need help speaking, that their story may count. If we embrace the humanity of the people we meet, we show the world that we are all in this together. And we become better humans for the experience."

We couldn't be more proud to have Steve join M-LAB and are thrilled to learn from his incredible experiences.

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