Embracing Art, History and Multiculturalism

Learn. Build. Inspire.
— Tailored Heritage

Tailored Heritage is a venture that Umar Issa, Milton Smith, and César Martínez, formed in 2013 to encourage themselves to become authentic Students of the World and embrace their multicultural roots. What began as simple conversations relating to culture, style, and history, transformed into a perspective by which they see the world. As first generation Americans, Ces, Umar and Mil have witnessed and realized the sacrifices that their parents and grandparents have made in search of the “American dream”, allowing them the opportunity to further their education and pursue their dreams. As a creative collective, Tailored Heritage looks to honor their roots and inspire youth to further appreciate art, culture, and style, in order to establish a respect for diversity in the world.

In the words of TH, "A Student of the World is one who commits to a lifetime of learning and will treat even the most ordinary experiences as an opportunity to learn something new."

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