Blending Storytelling, Capitalism and Art

I am invested in the intersection of society and film, and how entertainment can help us create a better world.
— Tobias Deml

A long-time Students of the World community member, Tobias Deml joins the Media Leaders Advisory Board as a professional filmmaker and purpose-based entrepreneur.

Tobias is a visual artist and filmmaker from Austria, concentrating on directing and cinematography. In 2008, at the age of 18 and after graduating from high school, he served a voluntary service for one year in Los Angeles and Montreal to substitute the mandatory Austrian military service. During this year abroad, he discovered the magic of living among a foreign culture and decided to become a filmmaker, building on his seven years of self-taught digital visual art skills and his existing fascination for the collaborative process.

In 2015, Tobias founded Cinema of Change,  an online publication whose mission is to  concentrate the presently scattered pioneering perspectives so that more filmmakers can be inspired to rethink their work – and galvanize a movement. Much like Tobias' personal vision, the thought behind his new venture  is that the filmmaking profession should be redefined as one of a public servant.

In his eyes, "Filmmakers must primarily create media for the greater good of mankind, while still working within the paradigms of storytelling, capitalism and art. These films are designed to aid progress and change society – creating a movement in the film industry that produces for a Cinema of Change."

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