A Higher Calling for Architects and Auteurs: the Look Up Film Challenge

By Courtney Spence, Founder, Students of the World

Our digital world moves so fast that it’s hard not to keep our attention turned downward, obsessively checking our smartphones or tablets for the latest text, email or tweet. Yet even a cursory look around should remind us of just how amazing our actual world is.

Architects deserve a lot of the credit for creating our world. But often their stories are left untold; often we see and experience only the spaces they create, without knowing the visionary women and men behind them. Hopefully, that will change with the launch of the Look Up Film Challenge.

Presented by the American Institute of Architects, the Look Up Film Challenge pairs emerging and established filmmakers with talented, visionary architects for a truly unprecedented creative opportunity—the chance to show how this often unsung profession shapes not just our physical surroundings, but our personal lives, our community, and in fact our collective future.

As co-sponsors of the Look Up Film Challenge and passionate proponents of millennial creativity, we at CSpence Group cannot wait to see the inspiring work that’s sure to come from this rare collaboration.

If you are a filmmaker looking for your next important project or an architect with a fascinating story to tell, visit ilookup.org/filmchallenge to learn more. To share your thoughts about architecture, film or the Challenge itself, join the conversation at #ilookup.

Registration is now open until July 15. For additional background on the campaign, head over to ilookup.org

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