Look Up Film Challenge Prompt


The countdown has begun. 16 days. 1 story. 3-5 minutes.

As of July 17, creators from across the country embark on the ultimate creative collaboration.


Over the next 16 days, your challenge is to create a short documentary (3-5 minutes) that tells the story of an inspiring architect or architectural project in your community.

Your objective? Tell a story that demonstrates the power that architecture holds to shape our future or our world for the better.

Your story can focus on an architect or architects at any stage of their career, revealing their unique vision, their dedication and the impact they make through their work. Consider taking us behind the scenes to focus on the creative process of bringing a project to life, on the people, or on the special role it plays in the community.  


Architecture in America is at a tipping point.

We at Students of the World and the CSpence Group have teamed up with The American Institute of Architects because we believe in the vision of the rising creative generation. We believe that all of you joining this challenge have what it takes to highlight the projects and the architects that are shaping our world, and that influence our everyday lives. We believe in your vision, and in your ability to uncover and to highlight the inspiring stories that truly matter and can inspire others.


Following are select categories that will be in the running for additional recognition and to inspire you before you set off to find your story. Within these themes you will find examples of projects that have dramatically shaped the built environment that we live in today, and others that continue to steer us towards a sustainable, equitable, and thriving future.

Follow the link for each category to learn more about each and to see examples of projects that fit.

Community Impact

Design Resilience

Historic Preservation

Design & Health

Diversity & Inclusion

Emerging Professionals


Films due: August 2 at 11:59 PM PST

Finalists selected: August 6

Finalist editing round: August 7 - 14

Judging period: August 20 - September 3

Winners selectedSeptember 4 

Post-production (billboards): September 4 - 22

Winners announced: September 29

Read the Legal Packet for more information on key dates, judging criteria, release forms, and submission guidelines.

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