Courtney Spence speaks at CGI U

On March 22, SOW Founder and Executive Director Courtney Spence presented at the Clinton Global Initiative University (CGI U)  on using social media storytelling to garner support and inspire action.

CGI U, held at Arizona State University, is a yearly meeting which brings together the next generation of leaders on college campuses around the world to discuss and develop innovative, measurable solutions to pressing global challenges. And, as these bright minds invest their time on taking real, concrete steps towards solving them, sharing their personal stories is essential to helping build momentum.

Courtney, alongside Adam Hirsch, EVP Emerging Media and Technology at Edelman, highlighted that media storytelling enables us to raise awareness, build our community, raise funds, and grow initiatives. Social media has the power to reach wide audiences and drive change, and with concrete goals, a defined audience, a personalized narrative, and focused channels, students can create support and progress that is sustainable.

A dynamic and engaging online presence that tells your story, evokes emotion, and has a clear call to action, which also explains the positive impact of getting involved, can help build a strong community of supporters.

Changing the world is a group and social enterprise, and storytelling and collaboration are keys to success!

From photography campaigns showing the risks of junk food, to promoting the bamboo bike movement, to creating a scholarship fund for students in Tanzania, we were inspired by the bright, passionate, and driven students we met who are helping steer the ship of global change in the positive direction. We look forward to continuing the conversation on the importance of using Media Storytelling. Stay in touch!

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