Mérida, Yucatan


We just got back into Mexico City after a little trip to Mérida, Yucatan–one of my new favorite places on our lovely little planet. The three and a half days we spent in Mérida were personally the most impactful of this project so far.  I am so grateful for every second of that experience and I have so much to say about it that I am going to have to break it down into multiple blog posts.  So for now, I only have a little teaser of a recap to raise excitement!



Our hostel in Mérida was absolutely beautiful and amazing and cozy and somewhere I never wanted to leave.  It had a spring-fed pool with hammocks over it, and was colorful and had so much open fresh air and was just really wonderful!


When we got into Mérida on Sunday we had the afternoon off from working so we headed out to Progresso to the beach! We got swim in the ocean and play in the sand and Lisa and I drank out of coconuts!  It was a well deserved and pleasant way to relax a little bit.

Our last night in Mérida was a little bit rainy, but it was worth the double rainbow!


We met so many amazing new people on this part of our trip (who are going to have their own more detailed posts).  I am still so amazed by and thankful for all of the people we have encountered.  Two of them, Jose and Goretti, wouldn’t let us speak English, so I can actually make some short Spanish sentences now.  They also taught us some fun Mayan words (like bellybutton–toosh (sp?)) and taught Lisa and I how to say what we do for SOW in Spanish ( Yo soy el coordinador de los medios de comunicación social).

We also spent a lot of time with the Guzman family, and I just don’t have the words yet to explain how amazing they were, but I am working on finding them, and will be posting about them soon!

I’m a little bit sad to be back in Mexico City now because I loved Mérida so much, but I am looking forward to hearing and sharing more stories!




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