Ready, Set …

Go. After seven months of planning, numerous events, and multiple vaccinations, the time has finally come; we’re going to Jacmel, and we’re leaving tomorrow. Reality hasn’t quite set in yet and probably won’t until we all arrive at the airport at 4am.

Our team is excited to get down there and meet the people we’ve been corresponding with face-to-face. We’ve done so much talking and arranging for this moment, and now we finally get to take action; it’s like this day would never arrive and all of a sudden it’s here.

Honestly, none of us are quite sure what to expect as no one has gone abroad with Students of the World nor have any of us been to Haiti before. Perhaps that’s part of what’s so exciting about where we’re going and what we’re hoping to accomplish while we’re there; the unknown.

Who will we meet? What are their stories? What can we take away from this experience? Who knows, but let’s just say we’re excited to find out. We’re ready.

With that being said — Goodbye America, hello Haiti.

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