A Two-Way Street Learning Experience


This post is second in a short series of reflections from Ricardo Palomares, an artist, filmmaker, SOW alumni, and mentor for the UT CAN 5-Day Film Challenge, which wrapped on Sunday. Ricardo is one of our favorite storytellers — a true servant to the story, always seeking inspiration. It was really interesting to be on the otherREAD MORE


Film Challenge Recap: Girls on Fire


Along with the reflections from film mentor Ricardo, we are blogging this week from the perspective of some of the Film Challenge teams. From filmmaker Jacob Velcoff, here’s a recap on the Green Monkeys’ experience in the challenge so far… After sifting through an array of potential topics, our project led us to tackling sex trafficking inREAD MORE


News Ways to Think About 5 Billion Liters of Water


Since 2004, P&G Children’s Safe Drinking Water has provided over 5 billion liters of clean drinking water to people living in over 65 countries. Five billion is a pretty big number. How much is 5 billion, really? If you’re like us, you could think about it like this: 5 billion liters is equal to… 6.7READ MORE


Goodbye Austin

office huddle

I’ve ridden my rusty blue road bike to work everyday for the past six weeks. My bike has not only served as transportation to work but my tour guide of the city as well. Through my daily bike rides to work I gradually learned the best routes to take — the shortcuts, the dead ends,READ MORE


Thank You!


Photo by Nusaibah Kofar   Thank you thank you thank you to everyone who came out to the 2012 Media Showcase this Saturday! We are so happy to have had the opportunity to show what we have created and learned this year and to share the stories of the organizations and people we encountered.  WeREAD MORE


Showcase time

UNC team

With 5 weeks of production under our belts, the UNC Team is ready to showcase our work. During four weeks in Malawi, we gathered 3,720 minutes of footage, took 14,392 pictures, and conducted 54 interviews. In Austin, we had five weeks to make six videos, three photo stories, three graphics, and five feature articles andREAD MORE


A Gift for Ourselves


This morning I spent a few hours captioning photos for our team photographer, Thomas.  Scrolling through the portraits of cancer survivors, street performers in the Plaza Guadalajara, children playing on the beach in Progreso, the fog covered Shanghai skyline, and the team doing man-on-the-street interviews, I started to think.