Our mission is to tell stories that change our future and world for the better.


mission STORY


Students of the World was founded in 1999 by Courtney Spence with the goal of using the skills and passion of college students to shine a light on progress happening around the world, and sharing those stories via compelling media content. With nearly two decades of experience producing original cause-driven media, we have empowered hundreds of millennial media-makers and thought leaders.  Engaging a community of over 300 students, we have created compelling content for more than 50 causes and brands worldwide reaching intended audiences at screenings, conference, events, online and via network distribution.

University Partnerships

Our collaboration with study abroad offices at leading US institutions of higher education is an exciting one. We believe that global and experiential education is essential, and that students in the United States need more programming that connects them with the broader world beyond our borders, as well as those cultures and communities different from their own but that may be found domestically. We are thrilled to add the storytelling component to outbound programs that will launch during the upcoming academic year.

Storytelling Training Program

○      We design and execute a comprehensive storytelling training curriculum to rapidly teach and empower students in areas of: Ethical Foundations of Storytelling; Crafting a Story, Pre-Production and Production; The Creative Process; Communications, Marketing, and Social Media; and Programming and Social Activation.  

○      The curriculum is offered online or onsite to all participating students and your admistrative team members and takes approximately 3 hours to complete (plus time for exercises).  This fall 2019, we will be providing the curriculum every First Friday of September, October, November & December at 4pm Eastern online

Post-Production Strategy, Editing & Distribution

Upon returning to campus after the international experience, we will support the institution with the editing and distribution of their work. We provide advice and guidance on how best to showcase content in the community and work with the university’s study abroad office, as well as provide support in starting a Students of the World chapter at the University to continue to spread the word and engage more students in the program in the future. 


Leadership TEAM

 While Students of the World is a global community, our core team is based in San Francisco, California & Chicago, Illinois.

Courtney Spence   ,   Founder | San Francisco, CA

Courtney Spence, Founder | San Francisco, CA

Courtney Irving   , Vice President | San Francisco, CA

Courtney Irving, Vice President | San Francisco, CA

Daniel P. Dozier,      Managing Director | Chicago, IL

Daniel P. Dozier, Managing Director | Chicago, IL


Our partner: The CSpence Group


The CSpence Group is creative agency that launched in 2014. CSpence cultivates relationships between brands and the next generation of emerging creative leaders.

CSpence creates purpose-driven campaigns for brands and organizations, through the development of collaborative, high-impact experiences, content creation strategies, and film productions.  Learn more about how we partner with CSpence. CSpence Group is based in San Francisco, CA.

A note From Our Founder

"Students of the World has always been an organization driven by people with passion, compassion, and a vision for the world we want to live in. As Vincent Van Gogh once said, “I dream my painting and paint my dream;” and that is exactly what we have done at Students of the World over the past 15 years - both as an organization, and in the stories we tell."  

Read the full letter from Students of the World Founder, Courtney Spence.