Draped In Artistic Expression

My purpose is to discover stories and present them with unflinching truth.
— Unyimé Jeremiah

Students of the World is pleased to welcome Unyimé Jeremiah to the M-LAB team. Unyimé is a filmmaker from Los Angeles, California. With a unique approach to fashion editorial, his early work led to collaborations with brands such as Target, Dr. Martens, and LL Bean. After gaining experience in project building, he began to explore his own vision from an artistic perspective and In 2013, equipped a Super 8mm motion picture camera, he started by experimenting with video art. Through a combination of short films and photo editorials made public on his website Venture & Virtue, his stories were recognized alongside their wardrobe and artistic direction by publications, including Refinery 29, Nylon Guys Magazine and USA Today in its first year. An editor of Time Magazine mentioned his article, ' "A Tiger's Tale" as a stunning look at retro boxing and fashion.'. With a vision to discover stories and present them with unflinching truth, Unyimé has since directed his first 35mm commercial spot and continues in his work as a storyteller.

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